Monday, April 30, 2012

You Don't Know Jack

Noticed one of my favorite wildflowers today... Jack In the Pulpit.  They've been emerging for a few days and have become more noticeable.

But not to be out-done, there are now Mayapple blossoms and another favorite (state flower of Colorado) Columbine.

Mayapple blossom


Then to cap it all off, I ran across more morel mushrooms in one outing than I've found in a long time.  Good for a side dish at tonight's meal and likely some left for tomorrow.

I was quite sore waking up this morning so started with brisk hiking then after a couple miles things loosened up and was moving without any complaining from my knees.  Since this was designed to be a recovery day, I took the time to look for mushrooms around half way, then hurried home with the bounty!

10 miles today and another hiking session for tonight.

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