Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running to the Top --- of Iowa

Took the opportunity to get to Pilot Knob today with fellow McDuffer, Dave Nauman.  Dave is winding down his training for a 50K in a couple weeks. The terrain that Pilot Knob affords is unlike anything that we have available around Mason City.

I'll use some photos to show a bit of the day.

Three Bridges Trail with Dave in blue just disappearing from view (if you look closely).

They have burls here. as well.

The view from the top of the knob tower.

And out along the prairie 

I had intended to run at least 10 miles up here but enjoyed being in the new location and the weather so much that I ended up with more hiking than running and cut it off between 8 and 9 miles in order to meet Dave on time.

Also got in a walk with Cathy and the puppy on Lime Creek this afternoon.

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