Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today's run was postponed til after lunch because I attended a celebration of life for Mason City boy's cross-country coach, Dave Wilson.  Dave had died earlier this week after bravely fighting cancer in recent years.  We had had some great XC camps in the past and it had always been a privilege to be asked to volunteer at the camps and work beside Dave with the boys. 

Surprised by a Cooper's Hawk while in the woods this afternoon.  The trails were muddy and trees still dripping from rain.  The hawk just swooped down and landed in the tree above my shoulder close I was counting feathers!

(borrowed photo)
I took it easy again while out today and also looked for more mushrooms...found my largest one yet this year but not many out due to cold , wet conditions.
almost the size of a fist
11 miles for the day

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