Saturday, April 14, 2012

Calm Before The Storm

Today's weather was a bit unpredictable yet it was quite pleasant when I got out for an easy run.  The forecast is for some more storms to roll in this evening.  But clearing skys and sunshine greeted me for most of the time I was out.  

Also today's title is referring to a calm run day in anticipation of a long run tomorrow (weather permitting).  Results from the doctors visits earlier this week help to fire me up for the increase in mileage and length of long runs each week.

I've had occasion to mention my son's puppy in recent posts but haven't taken the chance to post a photo. So here she is...Piper...see a little resemblance to Diablo?
Helping me by picking up a recyclable bottle.

Asleep at the wheel (of the Jeep)

Ever wonder why photos of people are plagued with red-eye yet dogs seem to have green-eye?

6 miles jogging and 2 additional hiking for 8 miles today.

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