Sunday, April 15, 2012


I'm convinced that my ability to actually run more again is somewhat related to the time afforded me by early retirement...from  a 40-hr work week that is...I still work as a consultant and also as assistant coach at NIACC.

The time on the trails now reminds me of "play" in that I run for a while then investigate something along the trail, or hike, then run again.  Not that different from what children do when they play.  The base of miles and regularity of my routine now allows me to expand the experience to improving the pace again!

I've alluded to this play aspect in a few past blog entries but it has been driven home recently by what I've heard on some of the podcasts that I listen to.  Today really felt like play.  I rose this morning intending to put in over 20 miles but it had stormed all night and as I thought about my mileage total already this week, decided to keep it to between 10 and 15 for today.  Next week will be affected by driving to the Kansas Relays for NIACC track and field so my intent is, now, to run longer on Monday or Tuesday.  This will also allow for me to get the final word from my cardiologist before plowing ahead with the 50 mile race training.

10 miles in the AM and some hiking miles later in the day.  That gives me 79 miles for the week.

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