Saturday, April 21, 2012

Final Day Kansas Relays

Today's the big day with more finals and invitational events.  I was able to visit briefly with former world record holder in the mile, Jim Ryan, yesterday and get his autograph.  In the early 80's, Jim had been in Mason City and raced at one of our local races.  I had the pleasure at that time to have a photo taken with him for the Globe-Gazette's coverage of his appearance.

The plan is to run early this morning...another outing with Curtis and Anna, however, I'm really feeling the fascia in my right foot complaining so will probably opt out.  I have stopped wearing my orthotics, partially due to all I've been listening to about the advantage of "minimalist running" and this old body is saying.."Wait a minute, I still need that support I've been used to for the past 10 years!"

PM -- OK, so I didn't follow my own recommendation to opt out of the run.  Instead we took advantage of the chance for more hill running and took off across towards the KU West Campus.  Really another good run and the only grief for me was my left knee on the downhills.

RJ Harris and McKenna Wragge meeting some members of Team Nike
The relays organizers were awarded a Guinness world record for largest serving of nachos,  an 80-foot long portion that was prepared then immediately given away (for a donation to a feed the homeless charity).  We were able to be a part of the record by accepting some nachos...most of the servings ended up in trash barrels around the stadium as the serving size was too large for most people's tastes!

6 miles and another 2 miles hiking later. 

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