Thursday, April 19, 2012

1st Day Kansas Relays

Beautiful start to this day with a run with Coach Vais...but there was a little too much pavement for my tastes.  Especially since my legs haven't fully recovered from Tuesday's long run.  We, eventually, did discover a trail that runs along the river so we'll be able to explore that in the next couple morning runs.  

The bonus of today's location was a chance to work many more hills than available at Lime Creek.  There were some good ones including the middle of campus and up to the campanile that overlooks the stadium!  Even broke up the rhythm with some stairs for a drop-down to the street beside the stadium.  I didn't feel much argument from my left knee today as much as from the right knee...on the downhills.

Following the run, we hiked a couple extra mile to get the registration packet and athlete numbers.  It is much warmer this morning than what I've typically been faced with, but that is probably good as I feel it will be good to be acclimated to more heat for the Black Hills event in June.  Regarding Black Hills 50, I took the jump and actually entered before this trip.  So I'm more committed than I was last week!

5 miles with 5 miles additional hiking.  Also did a very quick amend to an earlier post that I promised to get back to.

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