Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eye of the Tiger...Competition

Absolutely perfect running day today.  At one point, I had a Tiger Swallowtail flit by and land on nearby bush.  

As I ran this morning, I was acutely aware of competition in the woods...others looking for the elusive morel mushrooms.

Although I, like most mushroom hunters, get protective of "their" hunting grounds, I tolerated with full knowledge that I could cover more ground and get out to my secret places before they could!

There was a change in the dates of the Junior College Regional meet so they can compete without worry of weather that threatens to cancel.  So instead of this Friday and Saturday, it'll be tomorrow and Thursday.  So because I'll either ride along on the charter or maybe drive the NIACC bus if needed, this is important to  how I plan my own workouts this week.  Instead of the very long run tomorrow, I'll likely switch back to this weekend.  So that meant I wanted a bit more mileage out of today's run.  The extra was accomplished but I did, successfully, take some time in the middle to finally find a hat-full of morels that will become part of our evening meal tonight.

15 miles and recovery hiking later.

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