Friday, March 23, 2012


Turns out that Cathy and I needed to be in Clear Lake at the time I've become accustomed to running so I put it off until after lunch.  I was amazed to see a young puppy who, with his owner had walked to the trail head...that reminded me a lot of Buck, my son's dog that died unexpectedly last month.  This dog's name was Diablo and is also a boxer/pit bull mix.

This afternoon's weather was very nice and the later start seems to have worked to my advantage as I was able to run comfortably for most of the distance.  The lower water level in the quarry ponds has resulted in small patches of exposed rock that someone has built rock cairns similar to what I've tried to maintain at certain points along the trails.  Today a Canada Goose was trying to be inconspicuous by imitating a cairn.

Good steady run at the limit of my calculated MAF heart rate. I covered 12 miles faster than I have yet this year.

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