Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pumping Iron

My call was for a bit longer run today so stayed with a plan for multiple loops that pass the nature center.  I used similar loops on last Sunday's run in order to take advantage of the chance to refill my hand-held water bottle at the hose they leave available.  Due to the taste, I'm sure there is more iron present in this well water than in the city tap water.  I think this is an added benefit for those of us that exercise so often and for so many hours.

When I worked for the Iowa DNR, I would sometimes inspect this water supply.  But because it is a transient public supply, they are not required to test for iron...only for bacteria and nitrates.  I would be interested to know how this water tests for other constituents!

Sunny, cool, and windy today.  I realized I needed to deliver my Jeep to the NIACC Automotive Dept. for work on the starter so I headed home a bit early, lunched, then drove to NIACC and hiked home.  This allowed for not only the delivery but several additional miles.  It was pretty cool to see many of our NIACC track and field team also using the hiking path between the college and town.  I probably crossed paths with at least 8 team members!

14 miles total.

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