Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bridge Caddy

As I began to wake this morning, I could still hear a strong wind.  With yesterday's colder temps, I couldn't help but think it was nasty out so stayed in bed a bit longer than I'd planned. Once I realized that it was much warmer than yesterday, I got out for a late start knowing I needed to be home in time to get to a bridge tournament after lunch.  Our Relay For Life team is earning some extra funds by volunteering as help at this region's competition.  Cathy and I were caddies, which meant we ran the "boards" between the tables.

When I told Cathy about the title of yesterday's blog, she asked what does "watch yer topnotch" mean?  I said I'd heard the saying many times before and especially remember it from the movie "Jeremiah Johnson." I basically was referring to the strong wind and watching your hat (head) on such a blustery day.  But also saw relevance in the tuft of feathers on the woodpeckers head...or even to be careful not to undo what you have worked to build e.g. my running base build-up.

I began by hiking because I just didn't feel sharp yet since Sunday's longer run.  A little soreness nagging my right hamstring.  But after bumping into Dave Nauman on the trails, (he's building up to another 50K race in Wisconsin in late April) I became inspired and began running. Also running that race is Jeanne McCurnin of Mason City who I'd seen running the trails during my long run Sunday!  It felt good to run so I kept at it until I got back to pavement.  Therefore, I arrived home with plenty of time to spare and wish I'd gone out further on the trails!   I did take a few minutes extra to help modify what the gods of wind had dealt us.

The tree was too heavy and wedged for me to drag out of the way but brittle enough for me to break down.

7 miles in the AM and 3 miles in the PM after being a bridge caddy.

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