Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After yesterday's record breaking high temperature of 69 degrees, today is supposed to be another record high in the upper 70's.  I had plenty of time and didn't want to run much because of yesterday's effort.  So a long hike was in order.

I was surprised by crossing paths with a Northern Leopard Frog in the woods above the river.  It was healthy but because it is cold-blooded, it couldn't move very fast, much less hop!   I can't imagine that I've ever seen frogs out this early before in this area.  Had I spotted more than one I may have been tempted to collect a few for frog legs for tomorrow's breakfast.

There was another disgusting array of recycle cans and bottles today.  I'm not sure if I'm helping clean the environment or enabling the other trail users to cast these off knowing that someone will pick them up?

10 miles

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