Saturday, March 31, 2012

How Much Wood ...

Busy day today with yard work in Clear Lake, repair appointment for our cable service, and tickets for a play (Damn Yankees) tonight at NIACC .  So the only way to be sure I got a workout in was to rise early and hit the trails around 6:30 AM.  I couldn't help but feel I was missing out as the NIACC track team traveled to Pella today for another outdoor meet.  Men placed 3rd as a team. Women placed 13th.

The morning was foggy so the trails were quiet and still quite muddy.  I moved along at a steady pace while listening to podcasts.  I was startled at one point when a Ground Hog (Wood Chuck), that I disturbed, chose to run at me rather than away??  That is, until I let out a rebel yell that turned him around and off into the woods!  My work on a rabies project during college didn't indicate that I had to fear this guy being rabid...but it was strange non-the-less to have him come straight at me.

internet borrowed photo

I'm hoping for another increase in my long run tomorrow so today was scheduled to be a bit less and at a comfortable pace.  7 miles in the AM.

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