Monday, March 19, 2012


I took to the trails again today wearing the heart rate monitor.  But, again, there was some sort of hitch in that every time I started to run, the receiver would stay locked at the rate whence I began to run. Not until the final 3 miles did I finally get everything situated that the rate would reflect my effort whether hiking or running!

A lot of the podcasts that I listen to from Ben Greenfield end up discussing supplements of one kind or another.  I certainly don't have the money to spend chasing down all the stuff this guy seems to take or at least condone taking.  But his explanations and discussions of the science behind the supplements are quite logical and interesting.

How do wild animals get their supplements?  In some cases, by gnawing on weathered bone that lay on the forest floor.
8 miles of run and hike interspersed.

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