Sunday, March 25, 2012

Longest Run Since 8/19/2007

Today's planned long run ends up being the most distance in one workout and most for one day since I ran the Pikes Peak Marathon in 2007.  The downhill that day really took a toll on my knees and I haven't run the same since except for a brief spell following SynVisc injections.

The weather was great for this effort and even though I felt a chill starting out, I quickly warmed up and was comfortable (temperature-wise) throughout.  My knees did begin to groan during my 3rd loop so I called it at 17 miles rather than force myself through an additional 3.  With a 3 mile recovery hike this evening, I'll still hit 20 for the day.

Surprised to see Garter Snakes out in the sun at two different spots today.  Again, this is much earlier than I've ever seen snakes out at this time of year!

Red-sided Garter Snake
Total of 20 miles for the day so 74 for the week.


  1. Thanks, GZ. I hope you're right and I can keep building. With any progress, I hope to be ready for a 50 miler June 23 in the Black Hills.