Friday, March 9, 2012

Still Recharging

Not quite ready to ramp up on trails so took the day off all together.  Instead, my wife and I drove off across the sunny country-side to check out the bulk foods store in Osage.  I was able to restock some fructose for my home-made gel and finally found some crystallized ginger that I've been hearing helps digestion and makes a good snack besides.  There's a wide variety to their selection such as quinoa, all kinds of different flours, dried fruits, spices, salts, etc.

Perhaps I'll find a way to post the gel recipe that I really helps save money over purchasing the individual packets at the stores.  I have plenty of maltodextrin for the mix because I scored a 50# bag at a very good price. In fact, many of the ingredients needed for the gel are available here at the Kountry Kupboard.

Lunch was a real treat as we ventured into Ecky's Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Shoppe for an excellent malt with a Big Bopper maid-rite and Cath had the daily special...chili with cornbread and honey!  Very good lunch.

1 mile recovery walk

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