Sunday, March 18, 2012


This week worked well to build up some miles.  Today was to be easy because of yesterday's long run followed by a few extra beers.

It was my shift to volunteer at the Lime Creek Nature Center so I chose to hike there and back.  I also needed to recollect another bag full of recycle cans and bottles, that I'd stashed under some logs during yesterday's run, so that added to my total for the day.

There were a remarkable number of visitors (89) today. The strange spell of abnormal weather surely accounts for that.

Without snow, the signs of any coyote activity are no longer visible like they had been this winter.  But I had a discussion with a visitor that stated he is hearing more of them and more often.  He lives just over the river from nature center property.

8 miles for the day so that brings the week to 71 with three key workouts that were predominantly running and others at a fast hike to recover.

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