Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Even as I spend time on the trails frustrated by moving less efficiently than 9 years ago, it still gives me much joy to help with NIACC's XC teams every fall.

Workouts recommenced August 9th and we're set to have another successful season.

The first week was hot and dry but this week has been affected by rain and cooler temps. Here's some pics from the first Pilot Knob trip, a run on Lime Creek Trails, and also the Cedar River Greenbelt runs starting near Nora Springs.

View from the top...Pilot Knob...2nd highest point in Iowa

Some portions of the trail were "not so open"

Repeat hills at the Knob!

This year's crew (minus 2)

Shell Rock Greenbelt 1st Week

Cedar River

Greenbelt in the rain! 2nd week

Rainy day on the Greenbelt.
Surprise Lilys on the Lime Creek Trails

Tiger Swallowtail on a thistle

Cicada on the trail but they sing at a frequency I no longer detect so I don't hear their droning at night?
Bookmarked site along LC Trails August 15, 2015 (see others below)( river quite low)

June 19, 2014

July 28, 2014

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