Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Where the Hell Did McDuff Go?

I'm not sure why I haven't been posting to this blog.....

For sure I've been busy, but almost everyone that blogs is busy.

So rather than make excuses, I'll simply state that I've enjoyed a few brews and am ready to make a short post!

Often when there's a break from posting, it's due to injury, illness, etc.  Well, I was injured when I started blogging and I haven't been ill! So I guess I can say I've been lazy....

The NIACC XC teams came together very nicely with the men placing 8th nationally and the women 13th. Both very close to their final rankings. It was a fun year and I had fun with some team-building ideas like a "Mojo Stick" and "Who's New On the XC Crew" 5 questions!

I was resigned to more hiking than running but did put a Master's Team together for the annual Living History Farms Race and we came up with a podium finish (2nd) after missing out the past couple years.

I was able to get a bit of biking in so I could ride a 50 mile gravel ride in Minnesota at the same time as my good friend, Dave Nauman. He bikes a lot and was obviously more prepared than I was.

I'm currently enjoying an off time from coaching with indoor season starting in January. I've been disappointed with the surprising thaw as I hope to prepare for the US Snow Shoe Association National Championships in Eau Claire this winter. I've been out on snowshoes a few times already this year but it's been rather dismal for snow lately...I never thought I'd be so anxious for a snowy winter!


  1. Thanks GZ. I definitely feel more comfortable on snowshoes in my current condition. So am looking forward to some snow, for sure.

    Happy to see your activities leading towards a possible Leadville! And Pikes is near and dear to me as I know it is to you!