Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beware the Talons

While I haven't been posting daily as I did when I first started the blog, I have continued to get out on the trails almost daily.

The really cool thing about running the trails on snowshoes is the snow...or rather the signs of activity in the snow. I can see when hikers have been out, when dogs are along, the paths preferred by snow bikers, and animal tracks or similar sign.

Yesterday and today I was intrigued by several locations with blood spatters! Some appeared to be from rabbits others from squirrels, but in either case I wondered about the cause.

Squirrel feeding activity via acorn shells

Largest spot of blood and nearest where I flushed a Barred Owl

Again some obvious squirrel activity by way of walnut shells

At the location of the largest blood residue and waste pile of walnut shells, I noticed a movement in the trees as a Barred Owl flew from its roost. This is very likely the source of the mayhem that resulted in what was most certainly an evening meal.

Fun to see an adult Bald Eagle yesterday then a juvenile Bald Eagle (probably 2 -3 year old) today. A Red Fox ran across an open section of the quarry pond today while I was just emerging from the woods.

I've been pleased with some progress on the snowshoe running front. It helped to have received a significant amount a couple weeks ago, although that has slowly deteriorated through all the temperature fluctuations. Snowshoe Nationals are this weekend so there's no time left to improve my fitness. I'll be racing with the knees as they are and hoping for a good day with adequate snow conditions. 

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