Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reminiscing Past Snowshoe Mentors

Every snowshoe season, the time around Nationals arrives and I can't help but remember a couple of  past enthusiasts that affected my approach to the sport. Both of these athletes were always active in their local events as well as Nationals. We crossed paths many times. 

Unfortunately, these two are no longer with us due to eventually losing their race with cancer.

The USSSA gives an annual award in the name of one, Cindy Brochman. I first met Cindy as Cindy Schneider before her marriage to Kevin Brochman. They were both very competitive at trail races that I raced in Minnesota and Iowa.  Cindy asked me to be a part of a mixed-masters team for a relay at my first Snowshoe Nationals in Vermont in 2006.

Jim Graupner, Curt Krieger, Cindy Brochman, Jim McDonnell
Here's a video of the 2011 award in her honor.

Also this year's Nationals are holding the banquet on Saturday night in honor of Tim Dusick. I met Timmy D at snowshoe races each year in Luck, Wisconsin. 

One year, he was going to sell me a pair of his used Tubbs racers but ended up just giving them to me.  I'd brought a running moose ornament with miniature Tubbs snowshoes that I'd made from paperclips that I gave TimmyD for the favor of allowing me to buy his used snowshoes. After the exchange, he told me to take charge.


I have very fond memories of both these athletes and miss them , especially when I'm able to attend Nationals!

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