Friday, April 11, 2014

Signs of Spring

Besides the fact that the NIACC track and field meets are now outdoors, the trails have also been demonstrating the right of passage into a new season. It seems that trail conditions converted quickly and easily into a very adequate state for good running.

The appearance of some critters that have been absent since last year also make this a special time for me. In the past three days alone, I've been surprised by an Eastern Bluebird, a Woodcock, and then a Leopard Frog. The birds caused a bit of a startle when they flew off but the frog, being even more cold-blooded than me, was very lethargic!

My high school nickname was Frog and I still don't know why?

The miles are coming a bit easier again so I've started to increase the daily mileage. 7 Tuesday, 6 Wednesday, and 8 yesterday. I'll likely get time for 6 this morning before we head to Des Moines with NIACC for this weekend's Jim Duncan Invite at the Drake Stadium track.

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