Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dog Day Afternoon

Read an interesting link from the daily news posted by Ultrarunnerpodcast.  An article discussing the 10 best breeds of dogs to run with on the trails. Number 7 listed was the Dalmatian and immediately caused me to think back to when I ran with the Dalmatian we owned while the kids were growing up, Abby. She was a very good runner and would often go with me...but at that time, I seldom ran trails and usually ran roads. The upside of that was I never had to worry about trimming her nails!

My daughter, Calynn, with Abby...more than a few years ago.
In more recent years, we've been able to dogsit for my son's dogs...first a male pit-mix from New Orleans named Buck and now a female pit-mix from Chicago named Piper. Both these dogs love(d) to run the trails and (did) do quite well at it.

Piper ready for a winter run.
And just to help demonstrate a point I was making yesterday, here's a photo of the recycle cans and bottles I collected during the first 5 miles of today's 8 mile loop. I ran out of bag space so passed up the cans in the final 3 miles.

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