Monday, April 7, 2014

Stone Work

Quick photo update of the river from along the trail. Compare to series previously posted.

April 7, 2014
Continued out into the apex of the Badlands Loop and then beyond. I was surprised to find that someone had modified the rock bench into a much larger structure. The cairn had been deconstructed in that process so I took time to rebuild it. 

Cairn and bench October 30, 2012

Bench becomes a chair by December 4, 2012 (remained as such with minor modifications through winter 2014)

Bench rebuilt into a 7' structure 2014

In a podcast posted by Endurance Planet, Dr. Phil Maffetone described how he adds moving and lifting rocks or logs as a part of his exercise. I can certainly attest in regards to the total body work provided by these type of activities. My lower back and arms are particularly sore tonight.  

The weather has been very mild and after a brief morning shower it warmed up into the upper 50's for today's run. 8 miles.

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