Monday, March 31, 2014

Running Pays!

At least there's one advantage to being forced to run roads while the snow banks of winter are thawing! The photo above was from yesterday's outing and then today...more of the same...only to a lesser degree.

The bills were easy picking but the real haul was $25 worth of deposit cans that I've pulled in over the past week. Collecting the cans causes numerous interruptions in my flow as I've tried to improve on my running distances. However, the extra work in going in and out of ditches then carrying increasingly more additional weight seems to be giving me more of an overall workout.

8 miles yesterday for a 40 mile week then started this week out with 6.


  1. Iowa pays 5 cents a can so I didn't have to sell them by their weight in aluminum!

    I do, however, keep any pop cans that get crushed by traffic and sell by weight when I have enough to justify a trip to the scrap yard.