Monday, March 17, 2014

They Shoot Horses Don't They

Still getting out on the North Carolina gravel and saw these horses resting in the sun. I remembered a saying that refers to shooting a horse when it pulls up lame (they made a movie). Couldn't help but think of how I feel lame now-a-days and wonder if I'm pushing the envelope!

A local TV channel contacted me today for an interview about why marathon and endurance athletes exercise. I found it curious that the reporter chose to first try to locate me through Facebook rather than the telephone book. I still maintain a landline and am listed but she first called mutual friends through Facebook to get into contact with me! She also contacted Curtis Vais, the head coach at NIACC, for info on getting in touch. But apparently didn't consider what was traditional for me in using the phone book.

The slant that the TV story took was not the positive one presented to me when the reporter inquired. It became more of a story warning about the "danger" of endurance sports and this was "not" what I thought I was helping present. Shame on you KIMT! Shame on me for not fully understanding the purpose of the story.

I intended to run an 8 mile loop but the strength of the southern wind made me decide to turn and run back for 6 rather than expose myself to long open stretches along the county blacktop!


  1. Still one of my more inspired moments is when you called me.

  2. Thanks George...if only you knew how often you have also inspired me!