Sunday, March 2, 2014


Perhaps there is evidence of climate change. We keep seeing headlines of weather related anomalies that seem to indicate a departure from the norm. I know that the most recent winters have not been what I remember as standard when I was growing up.

This past week has presented some of the very best snowshoe running conditions that I've ever seen. With outdoor track and field scheduled to begin in 3 weeks, I can't believe the snow conditions that we're seeing now. 

The county got out yesterday after my run and groomed their portion of the trails. There are a few stretches that I like to run where I've stay just off the county grooming and it has become a very runnable and quick section.

Even with the sub-zero temps today, I was comfortable, especially when out of the wind, so I got a brisk 6 in and totally enjoyed the outing.

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  1. It was an amazing day on the trails... great to take advantage of it before it all melts!