Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Running in New York...Meltdown...Snow Spiders

The trip to New York used up nearly a week and I'm just now recovering my daily routine and recovering to normal rest. Quite the visit but I wouldn't want to live there. The NIACC team performed very well and set many personal and school records! Some photos and results can be found at the newly created Facebook website for our teams NIACC Trojans Track and Field / XC. Here are a few photos of my own from the trip.

Athletes on top of my daughter's office building with the Empire State building in the background.

Bicyclists going by the entrance to the Armory Track and Field venue. Also the New Balance Center.

Very cool to be at this venue that I've seen so often only on television.

One of Pre's uniforms on display in the Armory.
Posted near the indoor track.

The coaches in Times Square.
Another treat of this trip was seeing and partaking of the well-known Coogan's restaurant...America's #1 runners restaurant.

As featured in Runner's World March 2011

And at 10:30 AM, this guy had nearly finished his bottle of booze while directing traffic on the sidewalk!

Yesterday I finally got out to run on snowshoes again. The weather has changed dramatically since we left and I was curious about the conditions. It was a warm day above freezing but with silicone spray on my snowshoes and an adequate base from all my runs prior to this thaw, I was able to get in an excellent workout. The snow is rounding off by melting and low areas are getting slushy.

If I move off-trail even slightly, I sink deeper.

 One interesting observation while running today was a tiny spider that was moving across the snow!

6 miles.