Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not Alone

I spent yesterday getting a handful of NIACC athletes up to Northfield, Minnesota for a last chance indoor track meet. The bus for Nationals in New York leaves on Tuesday and this meet was an opportunity for some of the runners that were close to again try at the qualifying standard. No luck this trip but there were three results less than a second from making it. Dang.  Saw a bunch of cars in the ditch on the way up interstate during snow and blowing snow.

The snow continued overnight and there was a lot of light, fluffy stuff out there when I snowshoed today. Almost caught a snowmobile that was using the off-limits ski trails but he got restarted and tore off before I could talk with him. I wasn't the only concerned citizen as a skier also rushed into the center to report. The city police even made the trip out to investigate.

The trails were again great for running. I used my wooden runners for packing but had help today from a small group of snowshoe hikers.

I can't believe how the squirrels locate the correct area under inches of snow to dig for walnuts.

Put in a brisk 6 today as I thought about the national snowshoe race in Vermont that I'm missing. Even with my knee issues, I truly believe I would have been competitive in my age group.

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