Sunday, August 12, 2012

And the Rain Finally Arrives

Seems like forever since the Mason City area received any rain to speak of.  It finally showed up overnight and the day was cool and dripping from morning to night.

Watched the Olympic men's marathon this morning starting at 5 AM.  Also spent a fair amount of time tracking how Lucho fared in the Leadville 100 mountain bike race yesterday and 10K run today.  Apparently, he made up some time today after losing a little ground in the Leadman competition yesterday.  Sets up for an exciting 100 mile race next week!  Hope that it works for me to be out there crewing/pacing Jeanne McCurnin so should be able to see Tim in his competition and also meet some other folks that I've "met" only through cyberspace so far.

6 miles on Saturday and again today for a week's total of 61 miles...puts me over 2000 for the year so far which means I'm headed for a better than average annual total if I don't become injured before January.

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