Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to the Knob..2nd Highest Point in Iowa

Pilot Knob State Park claims the second highest point in Iowa as well as trails that include hills that are not available in Mason City.  I used the Knob to help prepare for the Black Hills 50 and now we're using the terrain for NIACC's cross country team.  Saturday I was on the trails to mark the major intersections in order to keep the teams from getting lost today.

It was plenty warm out and the major complaint for the workout was lack of water...the men ran around 9 miles followed by 10 hill repeats; the women ran 6 miles with 6 hill repeats at the conclusion.  Curtis and I ran the 6 mile out and back.  All in all the trip was worth it and a great workout resulted.

Using the sledding hill rather than the Knob because of the available shade difference.

I had been out to Lime Creek before noon for a 4 miler and with my evening workout, I'll have better mileage today than I've been keeping recently. Most likely, I'll be heading to Colorado next week to help crew and pace a runner in the Leadville 100 so I'm becoming more motivated again...ain't life grand!

13 miles for the day

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