Thursday, April 25, 2013


Came across an article, about how to take a walk in the woods, that makes several points that "hit home" with me.  I hope many of my blog posts demonstrate some of the ideas expressed in the article.

Last night was a blast at Wayne's Ski and Cycle.  Spring tune-up info, food, beer, and conversation.

The day had been busy with a quick trip to Ft Dodge. I drove a visiting sponsor/coach from Papua New Guinea who is looking at Iowa's community colleges for opportunities to bring talented athletes to the U.S. to begin their higher education.  We currently have two of his runners on the NIACC squad. One was recently featured in the local paper


The weather was very nice today so I spent a lot more time out in the woods and ended up with 9 miles for the loop...makes up a bit for a lower mileage day yesterday.

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