Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Blue Oval

This was the week of the Drake Relays. This is the first year that Drake has allowed qualified runners from Iowa community colleges to compete.  NIACC qualified our 4 X 400 relay team for the event and the rest of the team competed across town at the Viking Open hosted by Grandview University.  We had a couple  of our women throwers perform well enough at Grandview to qualify for NJCAA nationals.

1st NIACC runners to participate at Drake Relays

Late afternoon sun as the Viking Open winds down.
Not nearly the attendance in the stands as over at Drake but we finally were able to run in decent weather.  I have some photos of the blue track at Drake from our competition there a couple weeks ago at the Jim Duncan Relays.

Head coach Curtis Vais and  I at the Drake stadium. Spring looks like fall!

The 10K race at Jim Duncan
The sudden change to milder weather has allowed for more comfortable outdoor time.  Nice to run along the limestone bluffs of Lime Creek.

A better week for me mileage-wise and I'm slowly regaining some steady running.  41 miles total.

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