Sunday, April 21, 2013

Where's Spring

Quite a week with yet no sign of buds on trees or normal undergrowth in the woods.  Makes it easier to pick up the trash as I can see large areas with no obstructions.  So as unwanted debris goes, the trails are looking pretty good right now...but I am ready for spring flowers and other plants.

As far as distance of my daily excursions, I'm simply trying to put in some steady, base efforts and I'll worry about increasing mileage and speed later...perhaps after I determine a race to target for summer or fall.

Had a Cooper's Hawk settle onto a branch beside the trail and cooperate long enough for me to fumble with my camera and take a quick shot!

The higher than average rainfall this month has brought the water level in the river to a more typical depth lately.


For comparison:  4/23/2012
I took a squad of NIACC track and field athletes to Central College yesterday.  These were the competitors that did not make the selection for the Kansas Relays.  The group with me set many personal records on the day and while none met the qualifying standards for NJCAA nationals, it was still a great meet for them.  We have some throwers that are very, very close to the mark!

Finished the week at 33 miles.  A couple of the days I was able to sustain more running than hiking so I'm planning to continue that trend and hope my fitness begins to return!

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