Sunday, April 14, 2013

Taking A Break?

It's been two weeks since I've attempted a blog update...taking a break but also not a lot happening in my personal training.

The weather has been generally quite depressing and I was also busy with track and field meets, a trip to visit my mother, and, of course, finally got around to filing my income taxes.

Lots of wind lately!
The lack of emerging vegetation allowed for easy recyclable sightings so I filled many bags while on my loops  several days in a row.  The cash for the cans is a nice addition to my beer money.

All four Iowa community colleges from the Border War challenge
There was an interesting meet fomat at Iowa Western on the 6th with the Iowa NJCAA teams pitted against the teams from Kansas.                           Results

Signs of spring with the stream flow increasing and my first sighting of a catapillar.

Another track meet last Friday night...Jim Duncan Invite at Drake Stadium.  Still dealing with poor weather conditions but some good performances none the less.

My mileage is not surprisingly low with 39 total last week and only 27 this week.  This is more than half of what I was running last year when I had my sights on racing the 50 miler in South Dakota.  I just can't get motivated this year without a goal race. I found Lucho's discussion of motivation interesting in the most recent Ask the Ultrarunner podcast from Endurance Planet.

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