Sunday, March 31, 2013

Going Dutch

Spent Thursday travelling with the NIACC track and field teams to Central College in Pella, Iowa.  This area is known for a strong Dutch heritage.

The day was perhaps the warmest that we've faced in quite a while and that helped allow for some good performances at the track. During breaks in our events,  I was able to get in around six miles total between the track and downtown, then around a portion of the cross country course that surrounds the campus and hills nearby.

Friday was the anniversary of my Mother's birthday so my wife and I drove to Onslow for an overnight to help her celebrate.  I was able to get a 3 mile run in along the county road east of town. But Saturday was a bust with the drive home.

Today I chose the same route as last Wednesday's run, and was amazed to gather another 2 bags of recyclable bottles and cans.  These were mostly new castoffs during the past 3 days...a sad statement about some people's regard (or disregard) for the environment.  I sometimes wonder if the deposit law allows these folks permission in the sense that they believe "somebody" will pick them up.

35 miles for the week.

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