Sunday, March 24, 2013

Playing Opossum

Another Sunday and once again we're getting snow!  This time it's quite light but enough for me to see fresh tracks across and beside the trails.  Even able to spot some of the critters...deer and turkey. But today I spotted a different track, one that I recognized ...opossum!

Photo courtesy of Seth Bell who had seen the little bugger before I saw the tracks!

Well, I feel like perhaps I've been playing opossum. The late season snow has allowed me to train each day on snowshoes and it's been going better than expected.  Some good runs...Friday 6 miles and today 6 miles.

Took yesterday off from running but some brisk hiking while travelling to Des Moines for NIACC's first outdoor track meet.  Quite a change in weather compared to last year. 


Even with the colder temps, there were some good performances.

So with my snowshoe runs improving and some good hikes scattered in, my total for the week reached 37 miles.

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