Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

I've been lamenting so much about wanting snow and the opportunity to run on snowshoes...but I forget that in order to enjoy that snow, you  also need to clear it from the driveway and sidewalk!  We finally received a decent amount of snow in a couple of recent snows.

Despite the extra work required to shovel my driveway, and subsequently the neighbors on each side, I got out on the snowshoes again and had a tremendously good time.  The sun even broke through briefly and the snow was essentially the best that it's been all winter.

I wish that I could bottle the feeling that I had.  About how beautiful every last breath of life is! 

The main loop had been groomed but the ancillaries were my first tracks again.  What a great run today.

Running beside the traditionally groomed xc ski trail

Along the trail groomed for hikers and snowshoers

Self-grooming a bit off-trail

Still 1st tracks on an ancillary trail
Ended up with around 7 miles today and a lot of extra work due to breaking trail.

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