Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Dichotomy of Terrain...or Why I Prefer Lime Creek

This blog is named for Lime Creek trails and nearly all my workouts are on the trail system.  So why do I always opt for those trails when I'm in town?  The answer is easy when you look at my alternatives ... city streets or country roads.
Today's route!   as opposed to...

I spent the past two days running a 6 mile loop on the quarry trails of Lime Creek but the recent warm weather makes this a challenge with snow melt and slush.

So today I grabbed my Hokas and headed out to the country roads for an 8 mile loop.  I could keep a decent pace early on, but eventually became distracted by trying to pick up all the plastic, glass and especially aluminum deposit containers.  Had a couple bags full by the end and even stashed some of the glass in a couple spots so I could still run.

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