Sunday, March 17, 2013

Season of Change - - Transition

There hasn't been much to write about lately. The weather has been quite varied and I needed to travel to get training for CEUs towards renewing my certifications.  So lots of snow-shoveling and driving and not much running.

It seems that the switch in trail conditions during the spring are the most difficult to deal with in Iowa.  Ice, mud, and snow force us out to the roads.  I've been fortunate in recent years to have been able to continue to get quality miles on snow then switch smoothly to drier trail conditions.  This year has been different, with lack of snow most of the winter followed by some snow, then lots of rain, then some real heavy stuff this past week.

The rain prior to the snow resulted in lots of slush and puddles on the main trails.

I've struggled with motivation during this spell...something similar to what was described by one of my friends from Colorado in his blog entry this week.  I haven't had a race event to focus on.  I didn't think I could get serious about racing snowshoe nationals without much of a chance to run on them this winter. Then was surprised how quickly my snowshoe legs returned once we had some snow...missed out as the race was in Bend, Oregon yesterday!  I've not identified anything to plan for yet this spring or summer.

The river was interesting with its ice jams and breakup this week.

Ended up with only 30 miles last week and down to 24 this week.

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