Thursday, August 14, 2014

Nothing Stays "the Same"

Looked at how long ago I last's been a while.

Sure I have lots of excuses, but plenty of busy guys like Hypoxic Marmot, still get their daily post out.

I've always noticed that the running blogs I follow seem to drop off while they rehab from injury. I've been struggling with actual running for quite some time. Sure I get in an occasional long race where walking actually is good strategy, but I've been missing the pain-free, easy-going, smooth runs of my past.  

A month ago, I tried a new therapy for my left knee, PRP injection, and after some initial improvement on stairs, the running has been a bit less fruitful. I'm still holding out for improvement though.

The NIACC XC season has begun and it's been a blast to help get our athletes headed for another successful season.

As far as Lime Creek Trails go, the wind and weather has caused a bit of change to the view of things.

June 19, 2014

July 28, 2014

My reference tree has succumbed to the wind.
So the trails have changed, the NIACC team has changed, and my knees have changed....hopefully all for the better!

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  1. Curt - good to see you post again. I do enjoy the pix of the changes to Lime Creek - even though I have never been there. Hope the knee is better soon.