Sunday, February 10, 2013


Weather and the indoor track meet took their toll on my ability to get out for any good workouts.  I'm looking forward to better conditions soon because the Hokas are showing promise of some pain relief while running.

Mason Powers just qualified for Nationals in the 5K. I'm joking with Jonny Worley who earlier qualified in the mile. (photo courtesy of Susie Smith)
I'm not only losing some touch on mileage, but also getting quite behind on listening to the podcasts that I try to follow.  Yesterday, I was able to get a good session in (on the trails and while at the computer).  While listening to a podcast it occurred to me that after over a year's worth of weekly recordings (or nearly every week), you begin to know a little about the people you listen to.  I'm even beginning to remember stories and examples used in past episodes.

So not unlike new friends that you meet at a local party or friends you run/bicycle with, you begin to feel like you know the folks through the wonder of the internet.  Sometimes I've interacted through comments on blogs or emails. Then when I happen to be able to meet some of the folks in person like this past summer, I feel like we're friends and we've already met!

Only got 1 mile each day except for 10 miles yesterday.  Puts me at 36 for the week.

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