Saturday, February 23, 2013

Knocking the Air Out

Predictions of total snowfall were short but it still snows more at one time than any other this winter.  Around 6 inches and it was basically down by after clearing the driveway and sidewalks, I hit the trails at the quarry with my Iverson's.  The slightly larger and heavier wooden runners are perfect for self-grooming the trails.  For the most part, I was making first tracks. Also surprised by a Barred Owl that allowed me to make a close approach.

Beautiful day out but very taxing because of the trail breaking.  Today I wore the Dions and held a much better pace.  I saw where a xc skier misstepped and slid nearly 40 feet down a steep slope when trying to walk down that slope...I've often wondered what skiers think they're doing on the more difficult trails!

8 miles on Thursday, 9 on Friday and 10 today.  Today's "reward" was to check out the grand opening of a new local microbrewery...Mason City Brewing...good IPA!

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