Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Not much change in the weather lately.  At least not enough to improve the trail conditions.  I can tell by the tracks that most of the hikers/runners are slipping fairly often.  It might be fun to be able to just watch some of the slips and falls as I can attest the show might be somewhat comical.

Saw where someone before me bit it.  Left the imprint of a coat on top of the foot slip!

Got news that a photo I submitted in a Facebook promo made the least a new Atayne technical shirt coming my way and perhaps a new pair of snowshoes, Dion 121's!!!

Got in some easy stuff yesterday and again today for 5 miles each day.


  1. I voted (assuming it was liking the photo).

  2. Yes, the top 10 photos based on "likes" make them eligible for the randomly picked grand prize. So now I have a 10% chance at new snowshoes! Thanks for your support GZ.