Monday, February 11, 2013

Perfect Tracking

The amount of overnight snow turned out to be perfect for observing the tracks on the trail.  There's definitely some ice underneath, and quite slick after yesterday's rain, but the snow depth was like nature's the trail a fresh slate.

It was fun to see how many others had been out prior to my run but even more interesting was the wildlife tracks.  Lots of squirrel action but also turkey, fox, raccoon  and on the far-back trails, what was most certainly a coyote.

photo courtesy of Bernie Boettcher
Then nearing the end of the workout, I saw some tell-tail signs of the form of snow tunnels.

It was a very wicked wind when in the open this afternoon but I was comfortable in most cases because of the protection offered by the woods and bluffs...not so good in the open prairie section though!

9 miles today

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