Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creatures of Habit vs. Spontaneity

Still fighting poor trail conditions but hit the trail anyway Monday afternoon. The advantage of the light skiff of fresh snow is the ability to see trail activity in the form of tracks. At more than one location, I could see a well-worn game trail crossing the path...headed to the river for water from what I could discern.  

The game trails made me consider how humans become habitual and follow the same trail or pattern of doing daily actions.  I know I most often follow the same route down to the same direction on a loop. 8 miles on these trails today.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when my wife agreed to break a pattern and with some spontaneity, we drove an hour and a half to Cedar Falls yesterday for me to be able to run snowshoes with the Monday Mayhem group from The Runner's Flat.  Led by Scott Gall this workout really taxed me because the area had much more snow than we've had in Mason City and because Scott prides himself for adventurous, off-trail excursions when on snowshoes.  That's what they're for, isn't it?

Great time with the crew and had the opportunity to test out a Mizuno Breath Thermal top provided on loan by the Mizuno rep (Joey...who ran with us). Resulted in around an extra 4 miles for me tonight.

Very pleased to have done something completely out-of-the-ordinary.  Only disappointment was Monday nights are an off night for the Cedar Falls businesses so Cathy didn't get to shop nor did we get to try a new brew at the micro-brew next door to The Runner's Flat!

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