Monday, February 25, 2013


37° out today and the snow cover, that I was so happy about, is quickly disappearing.  A couple days ago what was 6" is now more like 3".  Took a photo across from the slope I run down and around a bed of cattails. You can see the prints in the snow. Noticed by other snowshoe tracks that someone else followed my lead.

Also a quick look across the pond at the cairns someone built this summer when the water level reached its lowest level since I've been running the trails around the quarry.

I used a trick to help keep the snow from packing unto the snowshoes...silicone spray on the cleats.  It was still a chore to run in these conditions and it took a bit longer today.  I took the dog out for a 4 mile warmup then used the snowshoes for an additional 6 for a 10 mile day.

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