Monday, May 13, 2013


In Iowa, we've been waiting for some typical weather to allow for typical training.  This year has been phenomenal for atypical conditions.  I finished out last week with some good steady workouts and am adjusting to the fact that I need more recovery between efforts in order to run.  Times are not like they use to be!  I wish my knees would feel like they did in days past.

Ended the week with 6 on Thursday, 6 on Friday, 5.5 on Saturday, and 5.5 on Sunday for a 47 mile week.

The woods are changing visibly every day now.  The Bluebells are out and Mayapples  are emerging.  The warbler wave is in full swing albeit a bit late.  I saw several interesting warblers today...Blackburnian, Yellowthroat, Redstart, Cerulian..............


Emerging Mayapples
Blackburnian Warbler


I've been checking for morel mushrooms but they are really late this year.  

I couldn't help but notice that an old tree stump has begun to show new growth in it's center.  A concept that I've been striving for in recent years!

 Put in 6 miles today with a 3 mile hike yet tonight.

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