Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Almost Getting Soft

Nothing sexual intended.

The day began with temps below zero.  TV had scheduled lots of football.  My knees ached from the moment I woke.  It was easy for me to justify a day off.  

However, I didn't have a hangover from any News Years Eve Party (In fact, I had more alcohol on xmas eve than I did on New Years Eve).  I've run in minus 20 degrees in the past.  The football was becoming boring.  I caved in and took some Ibuprofen.  

So at 1:30 PM  I chose to grab the snowshoes and hit the trails.  While the knees still groaned during the first half mile, listening to an Ultra Talk podcast and starting at a reasonable pace, I soon found myself running in the zone and had a fantastic 6 mile run that passed before I realized it!

Just proves the point that you need to get out and start running without letting the mind think too much!

Happy New Year!


  1. Best cure for a hangover ... go sweat out (amongst getting other things out) on a run.

  2. Hey George, I must admit that I wrote this blog entry after a couple shots of some moonshine I picked up before Christmas. I have run myself out of a hangover in the past and pledge to never have to do that again :>)