Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Change of Plans

Due to some problems with airline connections, I ended up driving down to Des Moines today to pick up the latest addition to the NIACC track team from Papua New Guinea.  Sapolai Yao arrived in August and ran a successful cross-country season with us. The connection to New Guinea has now expanded to include Paul Pokana.  Coach Vais had driven down last night only to learn that the LA flight had arrived in Denver  too late to meet the flight to Des Moines. As a result, I retraced the trip this morning and had a very interesting visit with Paul during lunch and the drive back to Mason City.

Sapolai Yao running in Iowa winter,

Paul Pokana racing in Australia.
As a result of the trip, I didn't get a chance to run until dusk.  Since the trails have been so icy, I decided to try the roads and also test out my new Hokas...what a difference...I'm very pleased with how much easier it seemed to run.  And on pavement to boot!

5 miles

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